Hi there👋 I'm Masaki, a NY-based Strategic Design Futurist.

I speculate future scenarios, socio-technical visions, and beautiful dreams through Design.

I am a Lead Design Strategist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Visiting Associate Professor at **Tohoku University.**

last update: 1 Aug 2021

Design, or something that is not design

Masaki Iwabuchi is a NY-based Strategic Design Futurist and now works as a Lead Design Strategist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and a Visiting Associate Professor at Tohoku University. He is also organizing the Speculative Futures Tokyo Initiative. His expertise is vision design for organizations across different time-horizons leveraging Futures Studies, Design Research, Speculative Design, and Transition Design. His lifelong mission is blurring traditional borders and cultivating pluriversal wholeness to overcome wicked problems in individual, organizational, social, and political levels beyond the Cartesian belief system. He published an academic paper on the practice of the Transition Design at PIVOT2020 hosted by Design Research Society. Recent awards include the Core77 Design Awards under the Speculative Design Category(2020). Formerly he was a Product Design Lead at IBM Japan and had 10+ years of business and design leadership experience in the industry. He holds MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design(2020) and BE in Information & Communication Engineering at the University of Tokyo(2007).


岩渕正樹は、ニューヨークを拠点とするデザイン実践者・研究者・教育者。2022年12月現在、JPモルガン・チェース銀行 リードデザインストラテジスト。デザイン&ストラテジー部門において、中長期スパンの未来社会のコンセプトプロトタイピングと社会実装に従事。また、東北大学客員准教授として、デザインは21世紀において、誰もが持つべきリテラシーとして社会教育を展開している。

「22世紀のためのデザイン」をライフミッションとし、スペキュラティヴデザイン、トランジションデザイン、プルリバーサルデザインなどの「デザイン思考の先を行く」社会規模の文化・ビジョンの再想像に向けた学際的な研究・論文発表を行い、日米で最新デザイン理論と実践の橋渡しに従事。また、デザイナーが世界へ出ていくためのノウハウも 🗒 note にて発信中。

生まれは東京・浅草。巣鴨中学・高等学校、東京大学工学部、同大学院学際情報学府修了後、IBM Designでの社会人経験を経て、2018年より渡米。2020年5月にパーソンズ美術大学修了(MFA in Design & Technology)。近年の受賞にCore77デザインアワード(Speculative Design部門・2020)、KYOTO Design Labデザインリサーチャー・イン・レジデンス(2019)など。

💫 Mission Statement

My mission is blurring existing borders and cultivating pluriversal wholeness to overcome wicked problems in individual, organizational, social, and governmental levels beyond the Cartesian belief system. I use design as a critical tool for mediating different entities and creating serendipitous products, services, organizations, and visions towards humans in the future.

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製品・組織・行政などにおける、コロナ後のビジョンデザインなどを得意としております。講演・仕事のご相談はお気軽に Twitter、note 又は iwabm186@newschool.edu まで。

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👔 Professional Experience

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👍 Design Interests & Expertise

Speculation of the Future Society through Design

👍 得意分野・できること


Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Speculative Design Workshop "Magazine from the Futures"

Speculative Design Workshop "Magazine from the Futures"

Transition Design Workshop

Transition Design Workshop

As a Visiting Associate Professor at Tohoku University, I am developing a class called "Social Dreaming through Design" that cultivates the ability to visualize the long-term future society through the power of design to overcome the wicked problems in the 21st Century.

Teaching "Social Dreaming through Design"

Teaching "Social Dreaming through Design"

現在は東北大学工学部の客員准教授も務め、遠い遥かな未来社会をデザインの力で可視化する力を養う授業「Social Dreaming through Design」を展開しています。

📌 Featured Projects



2020 - 2021 / EdTech

Company: Teknikio

Role: Principal Designer

Designed and developed a STEM Education Platform for COVID-19 remote learning settings from scratch.



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